Distinctions and highlights

Distinctions                                                                             (since 2014)

  • Thales  Thesis Prize 2021 – Daniel Brooks “Deep Learning and Information Geometry for Time-Series Classification”
  • Accessit AFIA prize 2020 – Eloi Zablocki “Multimodal machine learning: complementarity of textual and visual contexts”
  • AFRIR Thesis Prize 2018 – Thibaut Durand “Weakly Supervised Learning for Visual Recognition”
  • AFIA prize 2016 for a thesis in AI (national prize) for Marc Law.
  • Best thesis prize (SIBGRAPI 2013) for Rodrigo Minetto – cotutelle with university Campinas, Brazil

Best paper prizes

  • Best paper CORIA 2021 (national), Thomas Luka, Laure Soulier, David Picard, Apprentissage non supervisé de représentations de mots à l’aide de réseaux de convolution bilinéaires sur des caractères
  • Best student paper – ESANN2020 (international), Perrine Cribier-Delande, Raphaël Puget, Vincent Guige, Ludovic Denoyer, Time Series Prediction using Disentangled Latent Factors
  • Runners-up for Best Student Machine Learning paper ECML/PKDD 2020 (international), Skander Karkar, Ibrahim Ayed, Emmanuel de Bézenac, Patrick Gallinari, A Principle of Least Action for the Training of Neural Networks
  • Best paper ICASSP 2019 (international), Tom Véniat, Olivier Schwander, Ludovic Denoyer, Stochastic Adaptive Neural Architecture Search for Keyword Spotting.
  • Best paper ICIP 2018 (international), Michael Blot, Thomas Robert, Nicolas Thome, Matthieu Cord, SHADE: INFORMATION-BASED REGULARIZATION FOR DEEP LEARNING
  • Best paper CORIA 2018 (national), Charles-Emmanuel Dias, Clara Gainon de Forsan de Gabriac, Vincent Guigue et Patrick Gallinari, RNN & modèle d’attention pour l’apprentissage de profils textuels personnalisés.
  • Best paper BMVC 2017 (international), Taylor Mordan, Nicolas Thome, Matthieu Cord and Gilles Henaff, Deformable Part-based Fully Convolutional Network for Object Detection
  • Best paper CORIA 2017 (national), Bourigault S., Lamprier S, Gallinari P., Apprentissage de representation pour la detection de source de diffusion dans les reseaux, CORIA 2017.
  • Best student paper ICONIP 2016 (international), Contardo G., Denoyer L., Artières T., Recurrent Neural Networks for Adaptive Feature Acquisition.
  • Best paper CORIA 2014 (national), Poussevin M., Guàrdia-Sebaoun E., Guigue V., Gallinari P. : Recommandation par combinaison de filtrage collaboratif et d’analyse de sentiments. CORIA-CIFED 2014: 27-42.
  • Honorable mention : RECSYS 2012 (international), Pradel B., Usunier N., Gallinari P. : Ranking with non-random missing ratings: influence of popularity and positivity on evaluation metrics. RecSys 2012: 147-154.
  • Honorable mention : NIPS 2012 (international), Calauzènes C., Usunier N., and Gallinari P., On the (Non-)existence of Convex, Calibrated Surrogate Losses for Ranking, NIPS 2012.


  • 2016 MLIA was selected together with 22 European teams, as a recipient of the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) partnership program for providing academic labs GPU servers for promoting AI and Deep Learning. MLIA is one of the 3 French teams selected by this program. Note that 3 former PhD of MLIA are currently researchers at FAIR. Considering the extremely highly selection level of FAIR, this is also an indicator of the quality of the PhDs from the team.
  • 2016, Technicolor grant (via UPMC Foundation), 50k euros for supporting the research activity on Deep Learning for vision.