Permanent researchers

Nicolas Baskiotis
Associate professor

Extreme classification, Machine Learning for spatio-temporal data.       

Matthieu Cord
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning for Multimedia, Computational Cooking.
Patrick Gallinari
Professor - Team leader
Statistical machine Learning - Neural Networks - Deep Learning - Reinforcement Learning - Natural Language Processing - Information Retrieval
Vincent Guigue
Associate professor
- Recommender systems - Sentiment classification - Intelligent transportation - Brain signals
Sylvain Lamprier
Associate professor
- Machine Learning - Information Retrieval - Temporal Models on Networks - Deep learning
Edouard Oyallon
CNRS researcher

Machine learning; Deep learning; Statistical signal processing

Benjamin Piwowarski
CNRS researcher
Information Retrieval - Recommendation - Graphs - Deep Learning
Hichem Sahbi
CNRS researcher
Deep Representation Learning, Deep Kernel Learning, Computer Vision and Image Recognition, Action Recognition in Video
Olivier Schwander
Associate professor
Information geometry - Riemaniann geometry for machine learning - Machine learning for geometric data
Laure Soulier
Associate professor

Machine learning - Information retrieval/NLP - Deep learning

Associated researchers

Brahim Chaib-draa
Professor - Laval University (Québec, Canada)

Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Vision and Perception

Ludovic Denoyer
Professor - Researcher at Facebook
Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Machine Learning
David Picard
Associate professor - ENSEA (delegation)
Computer Vision - Kernel Methods - Deep Learning - Image Retrieval
Maxime Sangnier
Associate professor - LSTA laboratory
Machine learning - Numerical optimization
Nicolas Thome
Professor - Cnam
Machine Learning - Deep Learning - Computer Vision

Posdoctoral researchers and engineers

Taylor Mordan
Corentin Dancette

Deep Learning - Multimodal Learning - Visual understanding

Lynda Said Lhadj

Information retrieval, NLP, machine learning , Big data

PhD. students

Ibrahim Ayed
PhD Student
Patrick Bordes
PhD Student
Deep learning - Relation detection (from text and image) - Multi-modality - Common sense acquisition
Daniel Brooks
PhD student
Machine Learning - Information Geometry - Time/Frequency Analysis - Image Analysis - 3D rendering
Rémi Cadene
PhD student
Deep Learning - Computer Vision - Multimodal Learning
Manon Césaire
PhD student
Mickael Chen
PhD student
Deep learning - Multiview learning
Yifu Chen
PhD Student
Perrine Cribier-Delande
PhD student
Deep learning - Automous Driving - Context Learning
Mathieu Crilout
PhD Student

spatio-temporal modeling, physical processes, super-resolution

Emmanuel De Bezenac
PhD Student
Deep learning for physical processes
Marie Dechelle
PhD Student
Edouard Delasalles
PhD Student
Representation Learning - Time Series
Sébastien Deschamps
PhD Student
Jérémie Donna
PhD Student
Arthur Douillard
PhD Student

Deep Learning - Lifelong-Learning - Few-shots - Domain Adaptation

Robin Dupont
PhD Student
Martin Engilberge
PhD Student
Deep learning - Multimodal representation - Visual understanding
Jean-Yves Franceschi
PhD Student
Deep Learning - Spatio-Temporal Data
Clara Gainon de Forsan de Gabriac
PhD Student
Representation Learning - Natural Language Processing - Recommender Systems
Thomas Gérald
PhD Student
Extreme Classification - Machine learning - Deep Learning
Vincent Grari
PhD Student
Matthieu Kirchmeyer
PhD Student
Mehdi Lamrayah
PhD Student
Multivariate Time Series - Deep Learning
Ahmed Mazari
PhD Student

Geometric Deep learning - Graph Signal Processing - Action Recognition in Videos

Charles Monzani
PhD Student
Agnès Mustar
PhD Student
Adrien Pouyet
PhD Student
Jingang Qu
PhD Student
Clément Rebuffel
PhD student

Data-to-Text - Deep Learning - Natural Language Processing

Antoine Saporta
PhD student

Deep Learning - Computer Vision - Domain Adaptation

Thomas Scialom
PhD student

Deep Learning - Reinforcement Learning - Text Generation

Etienne Simon
Deep Learning - Natural Language Processing - Information Extraction
Remy Sun
PhD student
Bruno Taille
PhD student
Hugo Touvron
PhD student
Tom Veniat
PhD Student

Deep Learning - Budgeted Learning - Distributed Learning

Yuan Yin
PhD student
Haoming Zhan
PhD Student

Invited researchers (since sept 2016)

  • Brahim Chaib-draa – September-April 2019
  • Cancellere Rossella – March 2017, June 2017, April 2018, may 2019
  • Li Mei – June-September 2017
  • Shabunina Ekaterina – May-July 2017
  • Valle Eduardo – January-February 2017
  • Gori Marco – September 2016

Former PhD students (since sept 2016)

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