National/ International Collaborations

MLIA has developed close international cooperation with China, Brazil, Italy, Singapour involving co-publications and researcher exchanges. It participates to joint projects with different countries (Greece, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia). In France MLIA has been collaborating with teams in Grenoble, Lille, St Etienne, Marseille. MLIA is engaged in 2 international and 3 national academic projects.

Cooperation with Industrial partners

We have been engaged together with the LFI team in a close cooperation with Thales embodied in a joint lab. for 6 years now. MLIA has several close cooperation with industrial partners, mostly through joint national or EU projects. MLIA participates to 1 international and 5 national R&D projects. On September 2016 MLIA was selected together with 22 European teams, as a recipient of the Facebook partnership program for providing academic labs GPU servers for promoting AI and Deep Learning.